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Weeping Willow is the symbol for the Fix Family Website. The idea for this website came from reading dad's (George H. Fix 1920-1994) journals 1955-1994
(40 years), going through his pictures, slides, and movies. As the keeper of these treasures from a wonderful man and father, I wanted to find a way to put
them all together for the rest of his family and friends to be able to view from anywhere since we are all so spread out across so many miles (Betty, child #8).


Weeping Willow was dad's favorite tree and he planted them at our first three homes. It has long been known that the Weeping Willow Tree is known for its tearful symbolism, ill omen - the sad droopy look of the branches hanging down, "crying" of the tree when it rains (rain drops travel from the branches to the ends of the leaves and fall to the ground). This family has had its share of sadness so it is an appropriate symbol, I think.


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dad looking at camera 1958 Marty and Helene share a soda 1968 George profile 1968

George H. Fix, Sr. - 1968 (age 48) - Marty and Helene (children #10 and #5) taken the same day (ages 5 and 13).


1955 journal 1958 journal 1958 journal

In the end, we'll all become stories...Margaret Atwood - Make sure you'd be proud to have someone look into your book and read your stories...Life Lessons.

The journal images above are the links for his journals, so far 13 of 40 journals are linked - 1955 through 1967 in their entirety. 1968 is coming soon!

This is an ongoing project including photos, movies, and other extras. Check out recently added slideshows to the "Love Story" & "Home Movies" page links.

I have uploaded all war letter slides now to link to Picasa as well as the above journals. To get to letters click WWII Letters or links also from their "Love Story" page.


Catherine glamour shot looking up 1968Catherine glamour shot looking at camera 1968

Catherine E. Berillon-Fix - 1968 (age 46) - These were entered for a mother of the year contest in a woman's magazine.
She may not have won that contest but she was the winner in our minds and hearts - Jack and Marty (children #11 and #10) in 1967 (ages 3 and 4.5).

All photographs on this page were taken by George H. Fix, Jr.


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