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This is the beginning of the ancestry section. Soon there will be more images like the one below to link to each line of the family's history.

Click on image below of August Fix's ancestry to link to the ongoing research on his line.



In the slideshow below I used a majority of the old photos that I have but I couldn't fit them all.

I will use them all in the section of family they belong in. Once again this is an ongoing project!



Below is the Shutterfly Book I created on Grandpa August Fix - Eventually I will make one for each of the four grandparents.

You can order your own hard copy of this book by clicking the link below to view the book larger and you will see option for ordering one.


Click here to view this photo book larger

Visit Shutterfly.com to create your own personalized photobook.

When I try to embed the book without the above Shutterfly blurb the book stops working. If you want to see larger you will need to tap on Full Screen above in the white square.


Many thanks to Kendall Kleen-Mellem (Martha Kaminski-Kleen's granddaughter), Dena Berillon (Egon Berillon's great-granddaughter), and a very special volunteer in

Wisconsin (who shall remain nameless, as she hasn't given the okay to use her name). These three special ladies have helped me so much in finding our family history!


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