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For the ancestry pages I am again using the Picasa slideshow format. The slides go by quickly at 3 second intervals but when you click on the show and then click a second time

you will open a new window in the Picasa Site. From here you can chose full screen in the upper left corner (then hit the F11 key to get rid of clutter on screen and move controls

below the show, F11 again to see clutter and our site again). You can control the slideshow manually by hitting the arrows and stay on each page for as long as it takes you to view

each slide. Plus at full screen, the resolution is great. As far as navigation, when you X out of full screen view and then click on the August Fix/George Fix Ancestry title, you will

see all the slides and can navigate to wherever you want within the project. If you don't want to see the captions (meant for navigation purposes) while viewing the slideshow you

can just hit hide captions (hit show captions again if you want to read background material on a slide with pictures). Since this is opening in a new window, if you need to see

these directions you can toggle back and forth between our site and Picasa. Also, before you go to full screen you will notice you can comment (feel free) below the slides.


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