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A Love Story



The grandmothers were girlhood friends. George's first memory of Catherine was riding his tricycle in front of his parents to visit the Berillon's new baby.
He said he could remember looking over the edge of the bassinet at her and having to stand on something to be able to see.


Grandma Collet and Grandma Fix holding baby George in 1944 Catherine and George baby pictures


He first knew he wanted to marry her one day at church when she was about 15 and he was 17.
She was kneeling for communion when he elbowed his brother, Walter, and told him, I'm going to marry her one day.
Walter told him, if you don't, I will. She visits him here at National Guard camp when they are 16 and 18 (1938).
They started a seven year correspondence during the war while he was in the navy and then saw each other on his leaves (Mpls, MN).


George and Kay at national gaurd camp 1938 George and Catherine graduation pictures


George is at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. He was witnessing history from a small sub chaser and lived, as fate had other plans for him.
The families didn't know for a while though if he was alive or not, so they were very worried back home.
When Catherine called George's mom, she hadn't heard yet about the Japanese attack on the radio and fainted while getting this news.


Grandma Fix looking at photos of sons holding flowers Catherine as bridesmaid for brother's wedding


They got married on one of his leaves home and she was able to go with him to
Miami for a three month honeymoon before he had to go back overseas.


George and Catherine wedding portrait sitting George and Catherine wedding portrait stranding


They spend their first anniversary apart and he doesn't get to see his son until the war is over.


Catherine holding baby George portrait George on ship and poem


- Joys and Sorrows -
Catherine's brother, Walter Joseph Lang, 2nd Lt, is killed in Europe on April 19, 1945, 28 years old, just three weeks before VE Day.
His young widow, Adeline, meets Walter Fix, at George's coming home party and they eventually get married.
George Jr. was about 18 months old when he saw his father for the first time. He asked if this was that daddy man.


Walter Lang army portrait George Jr toddler in uniform


These are screen shots from the "War Letters" slideshow,
including over 50 letters from George Fix, Catherine Berillon-Fix, Walter Lang, Walter Fix, Ralph Fix, Grandma and Grandpa Fix.
Sometimes real life is more interesting than fiction!


Below I have added embedded short slideshows to music taken from the above larger project.




Below are sreenshots of the transcribed one year anniversary letter (original very hard to read but is in the larger project above) as he describes the wedding so beautifully.




The slideshow below is George Jr. (May 4, 1944) Baby Album I. They enjoyed a three-month honeymoon in Miami before he was shipped back overseas. The song was chosen from a

letter she wrote to him on August 6, 1939, when she was just 17. She mentions going to see "Love Affair" and she writes how this movie reminds her of them and this song in particular.




George Jr. Baby Album II includes writing on the back of a lot of the photographs from Grandma Fix.




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