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I guess I should rename this the "Home Movies and Slideshows" page, as I am adding slideshows here also. The first one below is about 1946 - 1954, to cover some of those years

that came before the movies started. This one is taken from the 1955 Journal. Also, don't miss the slideshows added to the bottom of the "George and Catherine's Love Story" Page.



Click any ticket above to quickly navigate to any year with a movie you want to see.




Clip below is three of the granddaughters singing to dad on he and mom's 50th wedding anniversary July 5, 1993, and was the inspiration for using the same

song in the slideshow above (I like the granddaughters version better). Notice the movie screen behind them; that was the last time we watched these home

movies together, which was always such a tradition. This was also the day dad entrusted the movies to me and I promised him I would get them transferred.

I was able to get some of the movies done for him on video before his death in 1994. Now this site of his informs future generations about those good old days.



New Year's Eve 1956 below (now with music) is the earliest movie I found in the family movie vault.




The picture below was taken the same day.


New Year's Eve 1956


Below are a couple of clips of interest:



Above: Ironrite Your Blues Away - Mom bought one in 1955 and then she demonstrated one at

Daytons late 50s to early 60s. Below: 1957 Chevy wagon commercial - dad bought one in 1960



I am starting to index the movies by year. Try scrolling over the actual film strips below & click to link to each movie. If it doesn't link then I don't have it uploaded yet!

I have them set to open in a separate window so make sure to close them as you watch them if you don't want a lot of windows open at once.


Dance Recital Sharon's Visit 40th Anniversary

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grm Fix house ralphs house christmas eve christmas day



george 8th grade graduation Joe home from hospital Joe's baptism

Below: Neighbor, Mrs. Kennedy was on "Queen for a Day" show in 1958. Mary was friend of one of daughters (sleepover mention in a journal).




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The movie camera belonged to Grandma Fix and was shared by the four families. There are no 1962 movies that I have found.





There are no 1965 movies that I have found. He mentions some taken at Christmas when Grandma Fix is visiting. I suspect these went back to MN with her.

The original camera was hers and we did get one of our own Christmas 1965. I believe the Zagars may have this and a few of our other missing films mentioned from other years.

I have inquired about them. Neither Walter or Ralph's families have any movies at all.


There are only two movies from 1966. The one from August 1966, Jack and Charlie's combined birthday from the Bailey's visit that summer. The one from Christmas

I added audio tape we made for George Jr. that Christmas. The audio is much longer than the movie so I added parts II and III with slideshows.


Starting with 1967 George Jr. started taking slides and as there are so many, I will display them with journals as groups on pages but as they are harder to see small I am adding

slideshows of groups of slides he took below, later that dad took also, if you want to see the slides more closely. These slideshows are really easy & fun to put together.

Note: There are so many slides that it would take me forever to fix all the flaws on the slides on Photoshop, so you will just have to view them as they are damage and all!


Links below: Slides of Geo & Mary visiting MN in May 1967 *****&**** slides of life in NY June-November 1967 (43 slides).

Autumn 1967*** & ***December 1967


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The resolution is low on the slideshows below. This is what you get with fim stills but you do get a good enough view of what the home looked like.

Below scroll over room and yard titles to link to slideshows or photos of the different rooms in our home, 13 in all on the main floor!



Back Yard Swings Back Yard Baseball Giirl's Room Parent's Room Kitchen Side Door Boy's Room Living Room Front Yard Home From Hospital Front Yard Joe in Tub Front Door

Only one basement slideshow to find below - the main living area!



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